he history of the famous cigar manufacturer goes back 150 years. The tale begins in 1855, a time of revolutions in Europe.
Waldemar Hafström, who was an oil merchant in Stockholm, Sweden, looked around for a cigar company to buy. In 1855 when the opportunity arose, he purchased the Aspelin Tobacco firm, the largest cigar manufacturer in Sweden at the time with production and store at Hornsgatan 32, in the heart of Stockholm.

Waldemar Hafström had to learn the business as well as the cigar-production skills, namely how to roll a cigar by hand: one by one. He took care of the quality of the tobacco leaves, too. Demanding and sophisticated customers of the period accepted only the most significant premium quality cigars.

The company had been expanding quickly during several years and by the end of 1865 they manufactured well over 2,2 million hand-rolled cigars, 6 million in 1870, and approximately 11,5 million in 1880, respectively. Private production in Sweden was liquidated in 1915, when the Swedish government initiated a tobacco-monopoly and -seized the whole tobacco-industry.

Today, 150 years later, Bodvar and Torvid Hafström, Waldemar Hafström’s great-great-grandchildren ensure the reputation of this trademark, with remarkable traditions and values of cigar-manufacturing, so that you could devote yourself to the most exquisite hand-rolled premium cigars. Cigars, which are produced with the same professionalism and care as they were 150 years ago.

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